Omori-sensei leads National Seminar weekend

On the 17th and 18th of September, SAUK will have the honour of running a national seminar led by Ryuichi Omori-sensei, 7th dan SAF, JAA.


Omori-sensei explains sumi otoshi

For those not familiar with Omori-sensei, he is head of the SAF referee division, runs the Musashino shodokan aikido club in Tokyo, and studied with Nariyama-shihan for 4 years at the hombu dojo.

You can see him in action here

The details:

The seminars will be held at the Sheffield Hallam University sports hall, Pearson Building, S10 2BP, 10am-3pm on Saturday and 11am-4pm on Sunday.

On Saturday evening we will be going for a dinner buffet in the City centre.

On the Sunday afternoon, there will be a kongodantaisen mini competition.

Fees for the seminars are £15 student / £20 employed including a Japanese bento lunch box for one day. Or £20 student / £30 employed including a Japanese bento lunch box for both days. (Vegetarian bento also available – just ask!)

Without lunch deduct £5 from the fee.

In order to secure a bento lunch box please register your intention to attend Saturday, Sunday or both, by September 10th.

Register using this Google form, and pay on the day you arrive.

For more information,  see the SAUK events calendar, Facebook page, or email


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