Matthew Houlton


I started training under Scott Allbright in 1993. I achieved my 1st Dan in 1996 and was graded to 4th Dan in May 2008 by Nariyama Shihan.I joined York Aikido Club in 1999 and, together with Ken McIntosh, and more recently Rob Milliner, have run the club ever since.

Together, we have produced two 3rd Dans, three 2nd Dans, six 1st Dans and one Student Dan grade. York Aikido Club has expanded from a single session to 4 training sessions per week, and now has both a town club and a club at York St John University. The York Aikido Club has hosted 2 student national competitions.

I spent a few weeks at Hombu dojo in 1997.
I have taken part in several competitions over the years, and have won a team Gold medal at the 1998 Los Angeles international tournament, an individual randori Silver medal at the BAA open nationals in 1997, and several medals over several student national competitions. I also won a Gold medal in team randori (as a student veteran!) in 2006 at the 1st International Student Competition in Sheffield.
I have refereed at several national and student national events, as well as at the 2011 World Championships.
For more about me, see My CV.

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