Licences and Liability

Since SAUK is affiliated with the BAB, SAUK clubs must register their members and venues with the BAB through SAUK. This can be done via an online form – to request a link to this form, please email – see this video for how to use the form once you have the email link. Since it is so simple, you could even use a smartphone to register people on the spot, since you can now apply for licences one-at-a-time. Remember to pay fees though and keep your own database of members.

For more information regarding licensing and liability, see this document. Some key points are:

  • you must have venue liability for every single training venue that you use (besides one-off events e.g. competitions), since Venue Liability is actually how the BAB covers coaching without having to charge a coaching fee to each coach
  • new members must fill out licensing information before they train for the first time, and these members must be registered at the end of the month even if they never come back (feel free not to charge them, but then your club will have to pay the registration fee anyway – we suggest a fee of £10 for 2 sessions for beginners, in which the licensing is paid for but the sessions themselves are free)
  • licenses requested are backdated to the beginning of the month that they were requested, and last for 1 year after that. So licenses requested on 25/06/2016 will be valid from 01/06/2016 until 30/06/2017. Similarly for venue liability.

The current fees are:

  • £8.50 for member license
  • £56.50 for venue liability



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