Shodokan Dundee was set up in 2011 by Louise Saul (1st dan) who was the instructor until work took her away from Dundee. Teaching responsibilities were then taken up by Martin Livingston (4th dan), who also runs the Edinburgh club. The Dundee club now holds the distinction of being the most northern club in the UK.


Every year we gain new members from the two local universities (Dundee & Abertay) as well as people from the local community and some travelling from further afield to train with us, which is testament to the friendly & inclusive nature of the club.

While we currently only have 1 class per week, we have the benefit of having it in a permanently matted, custom built facility owned by the Scottish Jiu Jitsu association.

Email: dundee@shodokan.org.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ShodokanScotland

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