Dan Gradings

There are two SAUK dan gradings each year: a mid-year grading and a Christmas grading.


Instructors should recommend members for dan gradings to the Rijikai, and a member wishing to grade at a seminar should attend the previous seminar (e.g. if a member wishes to grade at the Christmas grading they should attend the mid-year grading, or make sure that a member of the Rijikai has observed them a suitable amount of time before the Christmas grading).

SAUK only grades to third dan. Higher gradings must be taken at international events.

Registration Form

The SAUK dan grading registration form can be found here. This form should be sent to gradings@shodokan.org.uk at least a week before the grading.

Grading Fees

To pay SAUK grading fees  (fees for gradings and registration):
SAUK T/A SINSA, 50448575 (sort 404157)
(Please note that this is not the same account for insurance payments)

Fees for SAUK are (registration is mandatory)

  • 1st Dan £50
  • 2nd Dan £75
  • 3rd Dan £100

Fees for SAF are (registration is optional)

  • 1st Dan £100
  • 2nd Dan £150
  • 3rd Dan £200

Optional SAF registration will see you receive a belt with your name embroidered on it and a certificate from Japan. These prices are specially agreed at a reduced rate, so this is the cheapest way SAUK members can register with Honbu dojo in Osaka.

SAUK registration is mandatory, SAF registration is optional (and in addition to the SAUK registration). Registration with SAF can always be done at a later date if necessary, although requests will be made in batches after each national grading.

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