Club Admin Checklist

SAUK Charter

Click here for the SAUK Charter. If you just need to sign the charter, you can also download only the SAUK Charter Signature Page.

To do list for SAUK clubs

As a club, there are several things that you must do. Please make sure these things are done on time, so that our Secretary does not have to chase you up.

Regarding licensing and liability, see this document.

Use for all BAB licensing (member and venue) business.
1. Renew Venue Liability by the end of February every year (£56.50 – it is not optional to get venue liability through the BAB, even if your club venue has some sort of ‘insurance’ of its own).
2. Make sure that all members within the club are Licensed. The blue slips are original copy of insurance certificates. Also, be sure to tell us whether a member is a coach or not.
3. Licensing for the month should be requested before the end of the month. For example, May insurance requests, it should be requested before the end of May. Fees to SAUK are £8.50 per member insured (note that Insurance means cover against being sued by a third party, not insurance against being injured yourself)
The account for Insurance Payments is SAUK BAB 50448567 sort 40-41-57.

4. Coaches should have at least Coach Level 1. It is the club owners’ responsibility to keep this in order. Any accidents cause by unqualified coaches will make both the SAUK and the BAB liable to the event.

5. Select two representatives to attend the SAUK AGM and EGMs.

6. Clubs with kids should be complying with the BAB Child safeguarding policy.

7. Complete the SAF registration form and send it to Pay the SAF registration fees of £30 (approximate) to the SAUK Shinsa account (SAUK T/A SINSA, 50448575, sort 404157 ; not the same account as for insurance payments) by the end of March, then we will collectively send them to SAF.
8. Return the SAF execution form of voting rights to SAF individually ( per club ).

9. Look into the SAUK events SAUK Calendar and decide to host events.

10. Pay the SAUK club fee in March – see this document.

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