Shodokan Aikido

Shodokan Aikido (昭道館合気道 Shōdōkan Aikidō) is sometimes referred to as "Sport Aikido" because it includes competition.

Tomiki Sensei

"Shodokan" was founded and named by Kenji Tomiki (富木 謙治 1900–1979), who systemised Aikido training into basic practices.


Shodokan Aikido UK is part of an international community of people training, and competing, with each other around the world.


Competition Aikido is unique to Shodokan Aikido, and is an effective way to improve skills and test technique, and to have fun.

Technical Direction

Tetsuro Nariyama (成山 哲郎) is the World Technical Director of Shodokan Aikido. He runs the Shodokan Honbu Dojo In Osaka, Japan.
SAUK is the affiliation of clubs practicing Shodokan Aikido in the UK.

Find your local club!


Shodokan Cambridge was founded in 2015 by Joe Kennedy and is now run by Mike Cresswell.


The Dundee club holds the distinction of being the most northerly club in the UK, and benefits from training in a permanently matted custom built facility owned by the Scottish Jiu Jitsu association.


Shodokan Edinburgh, formally Heriot-Watt University aikido club, is run by Martin Livingston. The club can boast having had 4 world champions, with 9 gold medals between them, won in 3 different continents.


The University of Leeds Shodokan Aikido club was established in 2007 by Justin Gallagher. The club now hosts a core of 2nd and 1st dans.


Nottingham Shodokan Aikido is run in the University of Nottingham by Mohammad Mani. Other than training 3 times a week, we host regional and national events with other clubs around the country.


Sheffield is home to the Steel City Aikido Club, the University of Sheffield Aikido Club, and the Sheffield Aikido Junior Club. These clubs train in the permanently matted "Kyogikan" Dojo, run by instructor Scott Allbright (6th Dan).

Tunbridge Wells & Sevenoaks

The Tunbridge Wells clubs have been running for over 10 years.

West London

Shodokan West London club is founded by Mark Shraga and co-founder Chihiro Kawasaki. Affiliate to Bushinkan Greenwich Aikido Club, focusing on delivering beginners courses in the Ealing and Ruislip areas.


York is home to the York Shodokan Aikido Club, which is run by Matt Houlton.